My Gemstone Show at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Northlake

Thank you to my wonderful clients who came out this weekend to my Jewelry Show at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Northlake and to al the new clients I met. I'm grateful to do what I love, have GREAT clients who cherish my designs and be able to help them select the perfect gemstones so they may harness the energy for their future benefits.

There were so many people that came to hear how they can use the energy properties of Gemstones to raise their vibration, elevate their mood, increase their intuition, balance their energy, protect them for EMFs and radiation and awaken their consciousness. Oh and let's not forget about the big one - gemstones help you manifest your dreams, goals and desires!

Don't now about all the ways the Gemstone properties can help you, reach out to me.


Joann Lysiak, empowering you to reach your greatest potential in Body, Mind and Spirit.

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