About Joann Lysiak Gems

I LOVE designing beautiful gemstone pieces that are timeless so the jewelry you purchase today will look just as fresh and in style 10 years from now.

My unique and fashion forward designs are made with the finest materials – natural gemstones, crystals and genuine pearls with 14kt. Gold filled or sterling silver precious metals. I’m a purist, I use only natural materials hand selected by me personally; no glass, no man-made crystals, no synthetic stones or base metals in my jewelry collection and stones. I have high standards in selecting quality materials by working with the best, reputable suppliers for many years.

The wire wrapping process I use is finely crafted with the utmost standards of workmanship with attention to details, such as, the necklaces are the perfect fit with 2-inch chain endings; the pieces lay correctly when worn; the stones are strategically placed to harness the properties; the designs look beautiful; and the jewelry is worn for years.

There is an assortment of styles perfect for any occasion or mood whether your interest is modern, artistic, casual, simple, statement or boho chic, they are available in various lengths from 15.5 to 34 inches. Many of my designs are created for layering to achieve your own customized look with many options to choose from.

As stated in the section ABOUT JOANN, I’m an energy worker, Applied Kinesiologist, and Gemstone Energy Specialist, empowering others to reach their fullest potential in Mind, Body and Spirit. I use my experiences to create intentional stone combinations and designs with the PURPOSE to provide you within the benefits they have.

The gemstones have energy properties to protect and ground you, balance your chakras, raise your vibration, enhance your intuition and manifest your desires. There are gemstones to ignite passion within, attract love, bring abundance and wealth into your life, raise your Spiritual consciousness and many more. For more information on the energy properties of the Gemstones I use, see the button to download the PDF.

The specific stone combinations, length, placement of stones and design are intended to help you meet your energetic needs. My clients have been saying for years how wonderful they feel wearing my gemstone designs, they felt happier, more confident, more positive and more powerful from the energy properties.

Besides being energetically powerful and helping you get the results you desire, they are beautiful works of art admired by many…get ready to receive compliments!

Custom pieces are also made for your specific needs that are determined during a personal assessment and consultation with me for an additional cost. When we consult together, you will have the perfect design with the right energy properties for your specific needs.

Let me help you Harness the Energy Properties of Gemstones by using these tools to provide you with massive benefits!