Jewelry Care


Thank you for ordering Joann Lysiak Gems.

May your selected Gems, elevate your energy to manifest your dreams.

All natural crystals, gemstones and minerals have energy properties to enhance your personal energy and your space whether home or office. See my recap of some of the gemstone energy properties for your use. 

To Best Care For Your Jewelry:

  • Keep your gemstones away from direct sunlight and water.
  • Keep jewelry in plastic bag when not worn to keep it fresh and shiny.
  • Avoid contact with perfume oils and moisturizers.
  • Do not sleep or bathe with jewelry on.
  • Put on over a bed or carpet as Gemstones are fragile when dropped.

To Clean and Attune to Your Gemstones:

  • Put Gems on a window ledge in the moon light and remove before the sun comes up as stones are not meant to be in direct sunlight.
  • Or put Gems in a glass bowl filled with sea salt (no water), partially covering them overnight.
  • After they are cleaned, hold them, meditate with them and set your intention with them as you attune their energy with yours to connect and establish how they will specifically help you. Gemstones and crystals are powerful energy tools to benefit you, when you work with them correctly.

Reach out to me at with questions or to send me your testimonial of the benefits and experience you received that I can share with others. 

Enjoy your crystals and gemstones!